Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finds, Finally!

I went to an awesome estate sale today, yes today, as in mid week... I felt a lil crazy going in the middle of the week, but hey, I have the day off and this one actually started today. I just had to take advantage of first come first serve snooping, plus this was a home of a glass collector. I was surprised to see a lot of people at the sale - for being a Thursday morning, but then quickly realized that everyone was trying to get in some shopping before work hahaha. There was soo much glass, soo soo soo much. I silently took bets with myself to see if anyone would break some glass, and yeah, it happened. I just hope they didn't break anything cool.
and now, my finds...

a lil radioactive bowl

some cute googie-ish pyrex

California Pottery Planter

and the rest!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I fell in love with this house a few months back when it was up for sale. It was this picture of the fireplace/wood panel combo that did it for me. When the house sold so quickly, I assumed the buyer really loved the house and its mid-century appeal.

Fast forward to yesterday, Keith links me to a house that came on the market. (we are into looking at new listings for fun) He goes, "this home has nice bones, looks like it can be cool".... so I look at it, and it looks so familiar.... I remind him about that cool house I saw a while back, and notice it's on the same street.
I find the old listing and show it to him. It's the same address! They flipped it! They took down the wood paneling and granite/stainless steel-ized the kitchen. Who do they think they are? oh and they are
asking 305k more than their purchase price back in October. At least they kept the fireplace.