Tuesday, July 29, 2008

longest weekend ever

Comic-Con was crazy fun, and made the weekend feel like the a looong vacation, so would this be considered a stay-cation? After comic con is over you kinda get a sensory overload hangover and need a day to recover, seriously. Some of the highlights of the weekend:
- getting way too much free stuff, I actually enjoy seeing people push and shove to get a free key chain or eye patch.
- Lego booth with cool things to look at.

- Keith meeting
Dave Hill,
whom he kinda has a man-crush on (shhhh), I took a picture of them together and Dave's film crew happened to get footage of it, you can see Keith's 1/2 second of non fame here (link! click) you see a split second of Keith at about 30 seconds into it! woooo
- neat costumes (and some not so neat costumes) oh, and making Keith take picture with them... well the costumes he approved of.
- buying lots of cool comics, I especially like the new cat comics I bought, my new fav "cat nation"
Keith with Dave Hill (how cute!)

nasty blob monster thingy

Keith and a Storm Trooper guy (one of the many)


Cat Nation!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

comic-con day zero

Yesterday was preview night for the comic-con and it was crazy! The line to get in was the long, loopy, and confusing - but we managed to get in eventually. The best part about standing in line forever is the conversations you overhear. I heard this one dude in front of us brag about how much laserdisc anime he owned, it was awesome. There was also this lady in front of us who loved to mention (as much as she can) how she has been attending comic-con for the past 20 years, and she even had to let security know this when they tried to direct her in line on where to go, she snapped "I've been going to this for 20 years lady, I know where to go!"... comic-con snobs.
Once we got inside, I wanted to head over to dark horse comics in order to enter the raffle for a yellow domo kun, and Keith wanted to check out the octagon global recruiting booth - which was packed.
I didn't win the raffle :( but at least I was able to get my badge early, which is pretty much the main reason why we went to preview night. .... this will be a fun (long) weekend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

check it out

Just some new pieces I've been working on.
check out those feet, I spent Friday night carving them... exciting.

This is one of my new favs - I originally was going for a flying saucer style, like the kind from a good 50s sci-fi film ... but I think it looks more like space mountain now.... and I looooove space mountain! It will look even better once I get to glazing it, ceramics is a sloow process.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I found some stuff

Eyes had to be serviced this morning, so Keith and I were only able to get out to one estate sale today, but I picked a gooood one. It gets a 9.
This sale had a great selection of mens clothes, so I was able to pick out some sweet duds for Keith including this uncle Rico inspired sweater-shirt! Keith was embarrassed to post pictures of himself in it so here I go...

Some of he things I found were:

I found a colortone roto-wheel, now I just need the aluminum tree to go with it

some glass coasters (kinda looks like the roto-wheel? )

Samsonite luggage box, I love this color! (and for $1)

3 new records for the collection, -"The Partys on Me" includes hits like the Hockey Pokey and the Bunny Hop... party time? oh, yes

and... a neat glitter spool holder

now I'm off to Disneyland, peace

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

krispie plastic chairs and new kicks

On my estate sale scale-of-coolness , I'd rate last weekend a ........ 7. I did pick up some pretty cool Christmas ornaments, and I love Christmas. I didn't even realize how amazing this one set of ornaments were till I got home - but they seem to be hand blown glass, and if you can see by the picture, have tiny individual "flutes" going into the center... I originally thought they were just dimpled from the outside.
I also scored some sandals which is rare since I always have a hard time finding either my size, or finding a matching pair in good shape.
but.... The coolest find this weekend was a pair of plastic chairs. They aren't in the best shape since the previous owner kept them as outdoor
chairs, which made the plastic get kinda crispy. Keith and I are looking into how we can fix this... possibly with some plastic spray paint like krylon fusion or rustoleum for plastics. hmmmm
It's hard to see from the pic, glare city

close up pic of a few other ornaments I got

Friday, July 11, 2008

lensbaby baby

I love my lensbaby lens! I've been wanting one for some time now and finally gave in a purchased one. A lensbaby is basically a lens mounted on a flexible tube, which then can be bent to create awesome optical effects. The lensbaby brings experimentation and randomness to the digital picture world, without things like photoshop or other very expensive gadgets.
I spent like 2 hours yesterday playing around with my new baby and took some sweet pictures of my camera collection. Theres something about pictures of cameras... I can look at them all day.
Finally, no photo shoot would be complete with out a pic of "Face" from the A-team.

I picked up Face about 15 years ago (whoah) at a thrift store, and he has become one of my favorite models. I remember I did a whole photo shoot of him back in high school in my photography class... those were some good photos.
I have more pics from my lensbaby on flickr

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

scooter time

For the past three days Keith and I have been dog sitting my sisters new pup Scooter. He's some sort of a basset hound mix. Everyone has been voting on what hes mixed with, everything from a beagle, to springer spaniel, to a dalmatian, but I think he is half pointer.
Scooter is a puppy with lots of energy - which I'm not used to being that I have a 12 year old schnauzer (Giuseppe) that sleeps all day. For the most part, the two guys have gotten along, except for when Giuseppe gets jealous of scooter and takes his things.
Yesterday they even slept together, awwwww!

Scooter, Giuseppe... Giuseppe, Scooter

Sunday, July 6, 2008

holiday weekend

Hmmm... let's see, 4th of July was a foggy weird day that made my hair frizz - and since it was a holiday weekend, the estate sales were far and few between... but!, the point loma one that was soo cool last week was continued this weekend! I knew the stuff would not be so great anymore, and I wasn't expecting much. I did however score a really cool painting that I wanted last week, but the asking price had been too much... half price this weekend! I'm so glad I got it... I had been bummed about not getting it last week.

I was also able to get some glazing done for a couple of my pieces in ceramics, wooo!

July 4th, the fog just kept pouring in from the coast, it was like the mist, but without monsters, just frizzy hair (note: this pic was taken at about 5:30pm!)

The painting, I'm stoked


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ceramic time!

This evening Keith and I hit up the UCSD crafts center to check on our clay creations. The crafts center is a totally cool place to take classes like ceramics, jewelry making, metal working, photography , and even a neon class! I convinced Keith to start taking classes with me and now hes hooked. Oh, whats also great about the ceramic class is that you have access to the studio 24/7 just as long as it doesn't interfere with another class.

New session starts next week and I'm excited. I'm hoping to start making my sci-fi themed pottery.. lets see if this works out. I got the idea for it when I accidentally squished a dent into a vase i was carving, so instead of trying to cover it up and make it look smooth, I continued the dents all around the vase... which then resembled a space ship.. sorta... well I think so :)

the only sucky part of ceramics is trying to find your peice amongst the rest after the first firing

my glazing creation today... next week we will see what it turns out like.. ooooo