Tuesday, July 29, 2008

longest weekend ever

Comic-Con was crazy fun, and made the weekend feel like the a looong vacation, so would this be considered a stay-cation? After comic con is over you kinda get a sensory overload hangover and need a day to recover, seriously. Some of the highlights of the weekend:
- getting way too much free stuff, I actually enjoy seeing people push and shove to get a free key chain or eye patch.
- Lego booth with cool things to look at.

- Keith meeting
Dave Hill,
whom he kinda has a man-crush on (shhhh), I took a picture of them together and Dave's film crew happened to get footage of it, you can see Keith's 1/2 second of non fame here (link! click) you see a split second of Keith at about 30 seconds into it! woooo
- neat costumes (and some not so neat costumes) oh, and making Keith take picture with them... well the costumes he approved of.
- buying lots of cool comics, I especially like the new cat comics I bought, my new fav "cat nation"
Keith with Dave Hill (how cute!)

nasty blob monster thingy

Keith and a Storm Trooper guy (one of the many)


Cat Nation!

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