Tuesday, July 15, 2008

krispie plastic chairs and new kicks

On my estate sale scale-of-coolness , I'd rate last weekend a ........ 7. I did pick up some pretty cool Christmas ornaments, and I love Christmas. I didn't even realize how amazing this one set of ornaments were till I got home - but they seem to be hand blown glass, and if you can see by the picture, have tiny individual "flutes" going into the center... I originally thought they were just dimpled from the outside.
I also scored some sandals which is rare since I always have a hard time finding either my size, or finding a matching pair in good shape.
but.... The coolest find this weekend was a pair of plastic chairs. They aren't in the best shape since the previous owner kept them as outdoor
chairs, which made the plastic get kinda crispy. Keith and I are looking into how we can fix this... possibly with some plastic spray paint like krylon fusion or rustoleum for plastics. hmmmm
It's hard to see from the pic, glare city

close up pic of a few other ornaments I got


Lonely Paul said...


Michele Maule said...

Sweet shoes!
I know what you mean about them never being the right size, my feet are always too round for cute shoes like that :)

I love all those photos you took of your cameras! I think I might do some paintings based off of them. Yay!