Sunday, July 6, 2008

holiday weekend

Hmmm... let's see, 4th of July was a foggy weird day that made my hair frizz - and since it was a holiday weekend, the estate sales were far and few between... but!, the point loma one that was soo cool last week was continued this weekend! I knew the stuff would not be so great anymore, and I wasn't expecting much. I did however score a really cool painting that I wanted last week, but the asking price had been too much... half price this weekend! I'm so glad I got it... I had been bummed about not getting it last week.

I was also able to get some glazing done for a couple of my pieces in ceramics, wooo!

July 4th, the fog just kept pouring in from the coast, it was like the mist, but without monsters, just frizzy hair (note: this pic was taken at about 5:30pm!)

The painting, I'm stoked


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Michele Maule said...

That painting is funny, Kristen.

I like your pots a lot! The theme is really cool :) I never took ceramics...but it always seemed like a lot of fun.

My friend Angie had a kiln in her garage for a long time, but I think she sold it.