Friday, July 11, 2008

lensbaby baby

I love my lensbaby lens! I've been wanting one for some time now and finally gave in a purchased one. A lensbaby is basically a lens mounted on a flexible tube, which then can be bent to create awesome optical effects. The lensbaby brings experimentation and randomness to the digital picture world, without things like photoshop or other very expensive gadgets.
I spent like 2 hours yesterday playing around with my new baby and took some sweet pictures of my camera collection. Theres something about pictures of cameras... I can look at them all day.
Finally, no photo shoot would be complete with out a pic of "Face" from the A-team.

I picked up Face about 15 years ago (whoah) at a thrift store, and he has become one of my favorite models. I remember I did a whole photo shoot of him back in high school in my photography class... those were some good photos.
I have more pics from my lensbaby on flickr

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