Thursday, July 24, 2008

comic-con day zero

Yesterday was preview night for the comic-con and it was crazy! The line to get in was the long, loopy, and confusing - but we managed to get in eventually. The best part about standing in line forever is the conversations you overhear. I heard this one dude in front of us brag about how much laserdisc anime he owned, it was awesome. There was also this lady in front of us who loved to mention (as much as she can) how she has been attending comic-con for the past 20 years, and she even had to let security know this when they tried to direct her in line on where to go, she snapped "I've been going to this for 20 years lady, I know where to go!"... comic-con snobs.
Once we got inside, I wanted to head over to dark horse comics in order to enter the raffle for a yellow domo kun, and Keith wanted to check out the octagon global recruiting booth - which was packed.
I didn't win the raffle :( but at least I was able to get my badge early, which is pretty much the main reason why we went to preview night. .... this will be a fun (long) weekend.

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Michele Maule said...

I love over hearing peoples conversations. I was at a coffee place once and overheard this woman talking to her friend about how she got lost snowshoeing and spent 2 days, in the cold and snow, trying to find her way back, only to be found by a couple who happened to decide to go a different route at the last minute...
The bus is another great place to overhear peoples conversations. Michael and I were on the bus a few years ago and there was this couple talking about how they didn't want to make dinner that night so they opted to go get Arby's and sit in the hot tub :)