Saturday, July 19, 2008

I found some stuff

Eyes had to be serviced this morning, so Keith and I were only able to get out to one estate sale today, but I picked a gooood one. It gets a 9.
This sale had a great selection of mens clothes, so I was able to pick out some sweet duds for Keith including this uncle Rico inspired sweater-shirt! Keith was embarrassed to post pictures of himself in it so here I go...

Some of he things I found were:

I found a colortone roto-wheel, now I just need the aluminum tree to go with it

some glass coasters (kinda looks like the roto-wheel? )

Samsonite luggage box, I love this color! (and for $1)

3 new records for the collection, -"The Partys on Me" includes hits like the Hockey Pokey and the Bunny Hop... party time? oh, yes

and... a neat glitter spool holder

now I'm off to Disneyland, peace

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