Sunday, August 3, 2008

kitsch level : high

Yesterday I scored some cute kitschy Christmas items from a good estate sale in La Mesa, and awed at the amazing bathrooms in a just-ok estate sale in Point Loma. I'd have to say that these two neighborhoods are my fav stops for estate sales. I've had the best luck at finding cool stuff in both and have been able to tour some neat houses, which is the BEST part of estate sales. It's kind like Disneyland for nosey people.
I was able to get a few pics of the bathrooms in the Point Loma house without looking like a complete weirdo. Keith and I both agree that these bathrooms would be perfect in our dream home, one for him and one for me, as you will sort of see in the pictures.

Satin ornaments, but not just your typical round ones

6 little elf guys

bathroom 1 check out the cute tile detail
bathroom 1 - super cool floor and cabinets

and bathroom 2 - Pink for girls!! I just stood in there and stared at the wallpaper

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Michele Maule said...

That blue tile is so cute! I love the little detail.
Someone, somewhere, has to sell that pink wallpaper, or something similar...