Monday, August 18, 2008

Santa Empire

I'm building a Santa Empire, Christmas will never be the same. I scored not one, but three Empire plastics Santas this weekend, for under $10! It could have been four, but I'm not crazy...ha. I've seriously wanted a plastic light up Santa for who knows how long, - theres just something about that creepy glowing Santa face that makes my heart melt.

So yeah, estate sale hunting was good this weekend, even though it was only 2 houses.. and the first one sucked (waaaay overpriced). The second one was awesome! They claimed to have 4000 records, and I believe it! This house had a room dedicated to just records. This is very good conditions for record searching, since most people glanced into the room and went "oh records", then went on their way. Most of the time you have to search through a box while you have a dude leaning over you to look at something else.. very annoying.
I also obtained some craft supplies, (yesssss) as well as 6 packages of cheese cloth - which will be used for Halloween decorations.
Santa Empire

a couple of the many records we got, can't pass up an Elvis Christmas album...

cheesecloth! I love this stuff

some crafty supplies, they will be used, somehow

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