Monday, August 11, 2008

look what I didn't find

I didn't find anything cool at the estate sales this weekend, but one sale was kinda neat... only if you were looking for World War 2 memorabilia, telephones or pipes. Oh, and I did find this cute bunny on the way to the crafts center.

One cool thing of the weekend though was getting the space mountain piece back! I'm really pleased with how the glazing worked out. This one lady in the crafts center saw my piece and told me it looked like a spaceship ( I was like yesssssssss)

The "red" color on it is produced by using a green glaze (the green as seen on my last couple pieces), then overlapping it with a white glaze... weird and awesome.

I also recently started to work with porcelain, which is alot harder than I thought it would be, yet I managed to make these guys.... anyone want a little vase?

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♣♣ Luis ♣♣ said...

Salu2!!, cuando estes al dope pasa por mi blog ...