Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'd rather see a banana split?

Estate sales were pretty darn good this past weekend, besides the nasty humidity and rain.. yucks! Liz joined us again as we hit up 2 sales in Spring Valley.
The first one looked creepy from the outside, since the house was in an industrial area. I thought we had the wrong address- we were a lil
creeped out to go inside, but good thing we did! (junk city).
Keith scored a super pong tele-games system, which he then spent the rest of the weekend trying to get to work (we got it to work for like 1
minute, then it went dead). I got this super cool bowler-monkey picture- I'd like to think its an omen to how awesome I will be at bowling.
The second sale had all the cool vintage clothing. Liz got some cool sunglasses and this gold metallic jumpsuit, which fits her perfectly! I
got a turquoise rhinestone polyester dress, which I can't stop staring at, oh yeah and a beaded cardigan in perfect shape! I was a good Saturday!

we WILL get this to work!

Liz, modeling her new look

This dress needs a beehive and a hot toddyp.s. each item was $1

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Michele Maule said...

I love Liz's outfit!
Nice :)