Friday, June 27, 2008

I'll cross my fingers

Every weekend Keith and I go hit up estate sales - which has quickly become my new obsession. I look forward to every Thursday when the sale ads start to pop up online and in the newspaper, it's pretty much the most awesome day of the week, no? I hope to find some killer treasures this weekend , a few weeks ago I hit the jackpot (well for me at least) and found these items

tiny shriner dude

owl bank & sweet pepsi bottle

amp meter (can't pass up electronic test equipment)

light meter, and my most prized find by far...

Styrofoam Santa!!!!

1 comment:

Michele Maule said...

Yay! Kristen has a blog!
I will add you to my list o' fun blogs to read.

I love all of your finds! If you happen to come across some really cool book ends, let me know.

Oh! and if you see a vintage red know :)

I have been searching all the vintage shops on Etsy for the perfect pair...but no dice.