Sunday, June 29, 2008

mildew fashion show

Saturdays estate sales were awesome! Even my sister Liz (pictured here modeling her new sweater) came along for the trip after working a twelve hour shift at the hospital all night. Luckily she was able to keep her energy going with coffee, red bull, and shopping.
The first two houses we went to were pretty good... meaning actual estate sales and not just garage sales. At that point I was pretty happy, since I wanted to make Liz's first trip with us to be a success.
The third house we went to was lame, it was just some junk thrown out on a persons driveway, c'mon people, estate sale means we get to snoop inside the house, and the quality of junk is
Our last stop on the list was out in Point Loma. This was the BEST estate sale EVER! I mean ever. The house was packed with neat stuff and TONS of clothes, not just tshirts and jeans, but the kinds of clothes you would find in the thrift store before there was ebay, and those boutique vintage stores. I felt like it was 1995 all over again.. polyester dresses, sequins, it was overwhelmin
g. What made this sale even better was the prices - my damage was $11, and Liz's $3.
Heres just a few pics of the finds ... - didn't find a red typewriter (Michele), but I'll keep my eye out for it.

tiny ceramic fawn

pyrex bowl & box of white crayons

owl candle holder

I call this my computer clock

5 boxes of "icicles" and an old box of scoopy's straws

owl purse

a few the sweet outfits I found, check out the sequin dress!

When we got home, Liz modeled all the outfits for us and we had a "mildew fashion show" (hey, old clothes get musty). I'm bummed I didn't get pictures of her in all of these...


Michele Maule said...


That little deer is so cute! I wonder if there are good estate sales here...


50s Pam said...

This is an absolutely hysterical post. You are a woman after my own heart: White crayons, Old straws! Guess what? I found a large package of dixie cups myself this weekend!

scandaLiz said...

I just want everyone to know that I had been up for a total of 23 hours when that picture was taken...

kristen said...

being up for 23 hours brings out the crazy in you Liz!

thanks 50s pam for the support! love your blog!